Your Round-Up of the Top Open Banking News Stories

Open Future World has launched a directory featuring international organisations who are participating in the open banking infrastructure. It’s free for companies to list themselves there and they don’t have to be regulated. The idea is to help businesses in this space get their products out there and talk to other organisations that might be able to collaborate with them. 

Rebuildingsociety aims to bring out it’s open banking powered technology for appointed representatives (ARs) by the end of 2020. These include Sourced Capital and Propio which offer peer-to-peer lending services. This follows a successful pilot and a fruitful period that saw them secure funding.

ID Exchange, based in Australia, has given fintechs access to its plug-and-play open banking platform. Fintechs can then use the platform to access data from many different sources, which in turn helps them to build and deliver services. This circumvents the high costs associated with accessing shared data in other ways. 

Akoni has partnered with Moneyhub to improve its cash management platform with open banking. Moneyhub’s Intelligence & Data APR will give Akoni access to shared data and enable their customers to manage multiple accounts from the platform. This helps customers to see all their finances in one place and make well-informed decisions. 

Nexi, a digital payments company, has partnered with Ebury to offer open banking driven services. This enables Nexi’s partner banks to offer customers a range of services provided by Ebury including cash management, lending and forex risk management.