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Lowest Fees, Card-less Checkout, WordPress Ready

Why businesses should use Pay iO

No Sign-up Required

No need for your customers to sign up and create an account. Pay iO enables them to pay from their bank account.

Direct Settlement

Payments are credited into your bank account instantly. No more waiting around for funds. Increase your cash-flow.

Pay With Bank

Allow your customer to pay with either their fingerprint or facial recognition. Pay without a card, from any bank account.

Private & Secure

Allow customers to approve payments via their banking app, removing the opportunity for invoice fraud.

Enhanced Customer Journey

Accepting payments using Pay-with-Link is quick, easy and secure, while improving the customer payment experience.

No Charge-Backs

Accepting payment from your customers via Pay iO - Pay With Bank means your business will not suffer any charge-backs.

Card-less Checkout

Less likelihood of an abandoned checkout cart

Strong Customer Authentication built in for a frictionless payment method.
Customers make payment using their Bank App.
No sign up needed and no card details to enter for a fast, secure and speedy checkout.
Receive payments instantly into your nominated bank account.

WordPress Plugin

Integrate seamlessly into your WordPress/WooCommerce store

Once you have registered for a free account you will be generated an api key to connect your WordPress/WooCommerce e-commerce store to our online portal, where you can easily see your growth and payment history.


What is Pay With Bank?

Pay With Bank enables payments to be made directly from your online banking or mobile bank app without the need to enter card details or sign up to any e-wallets or apps. By integrating Pay iO – Pay With Bank at checkout, businesses can request the payments directly on their website.

How long does a payment take to deposit using Pay With Bank?

Payments are usually confirmed and deposited instantly. However some payments may take up until the end of the next working day subject to bank checks.

How do I know a payment has been completed?
You will receive a notification once the payment has been sent and is on clearing house.
What are the limits for payments?

Pay iO currently has no payment limits however there will be limits that are in place with the payer’s bank account.

How many payments can be made using the card-less checkout?

You can accept as many payments as your business requires. 

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for individuals/consumers. Businesses are charged on a transaction fee which is a fraction of the cost of card fees – please ask us for details as we will need to set you up with an account.

How payments are made?

By a bank transfer, from the payer’s own internet banking or mobile banking app.

How secure is it?

Very secure. It uses bank-level security and no sensitive data is shared by the payer or recipient.

Lowest Fees, Card-less Checkout, WordPress Ready

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Lowest Fees, Card-less Checkout, WordPress Ready