Why Retailers Love Pay iO

It’s a new year and there are plenty of opportunities as well as challenges ahead. The global pandemic has driven even the most traditional shoppers online. More and more people are paying with digital wallets, influencer marketing is having the biggest impact of all time and personalised products are gaining in popularity. Retailers of all sizes need to keep up with these trends to stay competitive. Pay iO can help retailers do just that when it comes to payment and invoicing solutions. Pay iO’s open banking powered platform enables merchants to receive online customer payments direct to their bank account with far lower transaction fees than those charged by card providers. The process is secure and instant and the Pay iO payment option can be included alongside others. Pay iO clients also have the opportunity to use its invoicing system which has considerable benefits for retailers who regularly need to receive business-to-business payments as well. In a nutshell, here’s why retailers of all sizes are embracing open banking and love working with Pay iO.

Why include open banking?

+ Improved customer acquisition and retention

+ Direct settlement of funds

+ Fast and secure

+ Saving money on fees

  • No customer sign-up required

+ Removes card fraud

+ Prevents charge-backs

+ Simple refund process

Why choose Pay iO?

+ User-friendly interface for both merchants and customers

+ Available to retailers of all sizes

+ Robust and secure system

+ Excellent back-end features for easy financial management

+ Available to retailers going online for the first time

+ Can be included alongside other payment solutions

What are the benefits of the invoicing system?

  • + Customisable invoice templates
  • + No sign up required by customers
  • + No set up costs
  • + Instant confirmation when a payment is received
  • + Automated chasers
  • + Direct settlement

+ Reduces invoice fraud

Check out the videos below to learn about about Pay iO’s payment and invoicing solutions. There are more than two million open banking users in the UK and the number is increasing. It’s time to give consumers the shopping experience they’re looking for whilst maximising profits and saving time on financial management. Get in touch and we’d be happy to introduce you to open banking and answer any questions you might have. Contact us on info@payio.co.uk