What’s Happening in the News This Week?

Payments provider Trilo has launched its alpha version which encourages individuals to use it by giving them incentives. It has also partnered with Make it Wild so that customers can make donations for the reforestation of parts of the UK via the app. Instead of transaction fees, merchants will subscribe to the service via an SaaS model.

Finom, which offers B2B financial management services, has partnered with SaltEdge to give it access to the APIs of European banks. This means that its clients who are SMEs and self-employed individuals will no longer need to enter their banking data manually, making it faster and easier for them to manage their money via the app. Finom is currently planning to expand from Italy, Germany and France to other European countries. This new partnership will help facilitate that. 

Trading app BUX is working with Yapily to give its customers in Germany access to their accounts and investment portfolios via open banking. This is Yapily’s first partnership in Germany and will ensure Bux’ customers can fund accounts and make investments directly from their banking app, speeding up the process in a secure way.