Pay iO – Your ‘How To’ Guide

No matter which sector your company operates in, if you make sales online then offering Pay iO as a payment option on your website has many benefits for both your business and your customers. Pay iO is powered by open banking, meaning customers can make card-less purchases in a fast, easy and secure way.  You don’t have to choose Pay iO over other solutions, you can simply include it as an alternative payment solution, giving your customers more choice.

This step-by-step video guide shows how your customer can make a purchase with Pay iO. If your business is online, get in touch to find out more about us. By using Pay iO you will:

+ Save money on transaction fees

+ Offer a faster checkout for customers

+ Be able to process refunds quickly and securely

+ Satisfy customers who expect multiple payment options

+ Eliminate card fraud

In short, as an online business you will save money and give your customers an enhanced experience. There are over two million open banking users in the UK at the moment and this number is growing so it’s important to keep up with this trend and give your customers the options they expect to see. 

Pay iO isn’t just about open banking. There are other apps that can do that. It’s also about offering a seamless user interface with very competitive pricing. The portal also has an excellent set of features to help businesses keep on top of their transactions and manage their invoices. Next week we’ll talk about Pay iO’s invoicing system. For now check out our video about making payments with Pay iO: