Lowest Fees, Pay With Bank, Instant Payments

Pay With Bank

Less likelihood of an abandoned checkout cart

A payment service with a huge difference. Using Pay iO’s technology, your customers simply click to pay.

Benefits of Using Pay iO

No Sign-up Required

No need for your customers to sign up and create an account. Pay iO enables them to pay from their bank account.

Direct Settlement

Payments are credited into your bank account instantly. No more waiting around for funds. Increase your cash-flow.

Pay With Bank

Allow your customer to pay with either their fingerprint or facial recognition. Pay without a card, from any bank account.

Private & Secure

Allow customers to approve payments via their banking app, removing the opportunity of card or invoice fraud.

Enhanced Customer Journey

Accepting payments using Pay iO invoice payments or card-less checkout is quick, easy and secure. Improve the customer experience.

Lower fees

Pay iO can help bring fees down, by removing processing gateways and bank charges businesses incur.

Lowest Fees, Pay With Bank, Instant Payments

Pay With Bank

Give your customers the confidence of secure payments.
Free up your time, money and resources as
our tailor-made portal will keep you up to date

Making Payments Quick, Easy and Secure

WooCommerce & Magento certified payment gateway,
on record the lowest fees. Watch our video.

Lowest Fees, Pay With Bank, Instant Payments

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