Open Banking Events 2021

Although events have largely become virtual due to the pandemic, there’s still a lot of value to get out of them. Online networking, industry debates and topical discussions are helping drive the open banking ecosystem forward. There are also a number of summits which are focused on the broader financial services sector and feature leading companies. It’s important to have a plan when attending a conference, whether virtually or in person. A company needs to set objectives for what they want to achieve so that they get the most out of the resources on offer. If a business wants to generate leads, then spending time watching panel discussions might not be the best schedule. Alternatively, if knowledge gain is really important then choosing the right speakers to listen to ought to be a priority. Strike a balance and ensure each member of the team has a role and a goal. Here are some 2021 events which are useful to all parts of the open banking value chain:

Finovate Europe

23-25 March 2021

The Finovate Europe event is suitable for all digital devices and includes virtual networking, a conference, demos of products and solutions, a startup booster program and exhibitors. Finovate also holds webinars at other times of the year in which discuss key industry trends. 

UK FinTech Week 2021

19-23 April 2021

A whole working week of content, the UK’s FinTech Week will focus on the industry’s role in economic recovery, pivotal trends and future leaders. As well as the main agenda it also features workshops, networking and a virtual exhibition. 

Open Banking World Congress 

11-12 May 2021

This truly international event includes 4500 participants from 110 countries and includes topics such as payments, financial inclusion, cross sector partnerships and use cases. There’s also an awards launch on the third day. 

Banking Transformation Summit

17-20 May 2021

This event will focus on the digital transformation in banking. The entire summit is live, enabling delegates to interact in real-time by asking the speakers questions. Attendees also get an automatic subscription to the MoneyNext global community which produces live, on-demand videos. 

Events aren’t just about finding new clients or building relationships with existing ones, they are also great for creating partnerships, sharing knowledge and coming up with innovative ideas. If you are attending any virtual conferences this year and want to meet Pay iO drop a message to 

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