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Lowest Fees, Pay With Bank, Instant Payments

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Simple As That

No Sign up, No Card details
Add the item to the Cart/Basket
Proceed to Checkout
Select Pay iO – Pay With Bank
Connect to Your Banking App
Select the Account You wish to Pay From
Click Confirm Payment
Order Complete, Quick, Easy and Secure

Benefits of Using Pay iO

Pay Without the Plastic

Forget the card details. Pay iO lets you pay using just your fingerprint or facial recognition. Pay without a card, from any bank account.

No Sign-Up Reqired

No need to sign up and create an account. Pay iO – Pay with bank enables you to pay from your bank account.

Checkout Faster

Using Pay iO – Pay with bank ensures your payment is made quickly and securely when buying online or paying an invoice.

Private and Secure

Your bank account details are kept private, the days of worrying about your cards being hacked are over.

Instant Notifications

Get notified once your payment has been successfully completed. No more waiting to find out if your payment has reached the seller/supplier.

Enhanced Customer Experience

From purchase to payment, the whole process can be completed using your mobile phone, laptop or computer. No cards or wallets required.

Lowest Fees, Pay With Bank, Instant Payments



What is Pay With Bank?
Pay iO has developed a portal that streamlines businesses to request payments via the new payment initiation which is linked directly to all major UK Banks. This enables payments to be made directly from your online banking or mobile bank app without the need to enter card details. By integrating our card-less checkout API you can request the payments directly on your website using card-less checkout
How long does a payment take to deposit using Pay With Bank?
Payment requests are usually confirmed and deposited instantly. However some payments may take up until the end of the next working day subject to bank checks.
How do I know a payment has been completed?
You will receive a notification once the payment has been sent and is on clearing house.
What are the limits for payments?
Pay iO currently has no payment limits however there will be limits that are in place with the senders bank account.
How many payments can be made using Pay With Bank?
You can accept as many payments as your business requires. Pay iO only charges per transaction. You will only be billed after you have received payment from your customer. We will create a tailor made plan to suit your business requirements. Please contact us to discuss this option in more detail..


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Lowest Fees, Pay With Bank, Instant Payments