Lowest Fees, Pay With Bank, Instant Payments

Benefits of Using Pay With Bank

No Charge-Backs

Using Pay iO Pay With Bank means your business will not suffer any charge-backs.

Lower Fees

Pay iO can help bring fees down, by removing processing gateways and bank charges businesses incur.

No Sign Up Required

No need for your customers to sign up and create an account. Pay iO enables them to pay directly from their bank account.

Paying Without the Plastic

No more abandoned checkout carts. Pay iO lets users pay with either their fingerprint or facial recognition. Pay without a card, from any UK bank account.

Direct Settlement

Payments credited into your bank account instantly.

Checkout Faster

Card-less checkout ensures payment is made quickly and securely for customers when buying online.

Other Payment Providers

You can still accept payment using other payment service providers. Pay iO adds to your business while taking nothing away.

Built-in Fraud Defence

Customers approve payments via their banking app, removing the opportunity of card fraud.

What is Pay With Bank?

A payment service with a huge difference. Using Pay iO technology your customers simply click to pay. Pay iO has Strong Customer Authentication built-in as default.

Pay iO enables customers to pay with either their fingerprint or facial recognition. Pay without a card, from any bank account. No sign up required.

Receive payments instantly while providing a more secure payment service for your customers. Taking payment using Pay iO – Pay With Bank enables you to save huge costs incurred on merchant fees. Pay With Bank is a revolutionary product we offer for the eCommerce sector. This allows payments on any website to be completed by the customer using Pay iO.

Lowest Fees, Pay With Bank, Instant Payments

Game Changer

Empowering Businesses

Pay iO wants to empower all businesses to have a secure and streamlined payment service where your money is paid to you right away, without paying excessive charges. If you have no prior knowledge of Pay With Bank or are not too sure how this can benefit you, not a problem. Give us a call and we can guide you through the benefits and also provide you with any technical assistance.

Pay With Bank FAQs

What is Pay With Bank?

Pay With Bank enables payments to be made directly from your online banking or mobile bank app without the need to enter card details or sign up to any e-wallets or apps. By integrating Pay iO – Pay With Bank at checkout, businesses can request the payments directly on their website.

How long does a payment take to deposit using Pay With Bank?

Payments are usually confirmed and deposited instantly. However some payments may take up until the end of the next working day subject to bank checks.

How do I know a payment has been completed?
You will receive a notification once the payment has been sent and is on clearing house.
What are the limits for payments?

Pay iO currently has no payment limits however there will be limits that are in place with the payer’s bank account.

How many payments can be made using the card-less checkout?

You can accept as many payments as your business requires. 

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for individuals/consumers. Businesses are charged on a transaction fee which is a fraction of the cost of card fees – please ask us for details as we will need to set you up with an account.

How payments are made?

By a bank transfer, from the payer’s own internet banking or mobile banking app.

How secure is it?

Very secure. It uses bank-level security and no sensitive data is shared by the payer or recipient.

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